Cuneta Elementary School


After  World  War  II , when  schools  were  reopened  in  1946 , Cuneta  Elementary  School ( CES )  together  with  P. Villanueva  Elementary  School  were  annexes  of  Jose  Rizal  Elementary  School. In  1968 , Mrs.  Maria  B.  Alcantara  was  the  assigned  principal to  take  charge  of  the  two  small  schools , until  finally  in  1970 the  two became independent schools. CES was  under Mrs. Solidad  Andrada,followed by Mrs.  Marcosa  Espiritu and  Mrs. Aida  Cornejo.  Other  principals  who  managed  Cuneta  Elementary  School  were  Mrs.   Natalia  Acierto,  Miss  Aleth  Ramirez , Mrs.  Salvacion  Surnillo , Mr.  Efuardo  Lopez , Mrs.  Emma  Iligan , Mrs. Aquilina  San Juan , Mrs.  Milagros  Ignacio ,  Mrs. Jeansy  Naniong , Mrs. Myrna M.  Sarmiento, Mrs. Edith V.  Flora , Mrs. Caridad L.  Calaycay, Mr. Rodulfo  Tirol.  From  2005 to  the  present, Mrs.  Farida  Lourdes  A.  Amping ,  managed  the  school.   Cuneta  Elementary  School  is  a  Child  Friendly  School.  It  aims to  unite  both  Christian  and  Muslim  learners  and  caters   the  educational  needs  of  Brgy. 77 , 78 , 79, 145  and  its  neighboring  barangays.

          Cuneta  Elementary  School  is  committed  to  produce  morally  upright ,  value-oriented , healthy  and  productive  citizens ; develop  their  potentials  to  the  maximum  that  will  make  them  functionally literate , globally  competent  and  responsive  to  the  needs  of  others  and  to  the  community  where  they  belonged  by  providing  them  quality and  relevant  education. 

Guiding Principle

Value 1 – As primary manager of educational service
Accountability – the liability of educators to inculcate quality education to all the citizens of the world
Value 2 – In dealing with stakeholders
Commitment – interest and concern to do things for the benefit of the learners without vanity
Value 3 – In dealing with its personnel
Professionalism – typically adheres and allows the Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers and School Officials 


Envision to be an institution of quality learning process for free, that will enable the Filipino children both Christian and Moslem to become productive and responsible citizens with stakeholders intervention


Insuring its vision, CUNETA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL shall: provide a learning environment that allows the learners to grow healthy, equip them with moral values,
knowledge and skills that they can use throughout life and enable them to become responsible members of the society maintain a team of well trained, highly motivated and dignified teachers who are competent, sympathetic, responsive to the learners’ needs and potentials establish linkages with the parent, community, local government unit and other stakeholders to help attain school vision                      

Committed for Excellent Services

Cuneta Elementary School